Workaholics Blake Anderson Told Me About His Strangest Female Fan Experience

Blake Anderson lives his life like his hair on the the show Workaholics.

I spoke to Blake with my heterosexual life partner and co-host Joe Kinsey about the limited edition Cinco Equis cans from Dos Equis and promoted by your favorite long-haired Workaholic. Click the play button and enjoy the next 8 minutes and 53 seconds.

Here are a few highlights:

How many Dos Equis will it take for you to call your equi-girlfriend?

To call up the “equi” girl? Not too many. I’m a Pisces so I’m a romantic. So the first place my mind goes is to lost love. But hey after a few equis, maybe just don’t make that phone call.

What’s your gameplan for Cinco De Mayo?

Uhhh, definitely going to be responsibly POUNDING some Dos Equis – that’s gonna happen. Go to a concert with some homies, eat some tacos, do some dancin’, just have a good old time. It’s one of my favorite fiestas.

Blake, I want to hear about a strange female fan experience. 

The weirdest one actually happened to Adam where he was given some cupcakes. And when he bit into it, some of her “hairs” were in the cupcakes. After I heard that, I don;t really accept any baked goods.

So basically this girl offered Adam a hair pie? 

Yeah, totally. Like – literally. He should have known, the writing was on the wall.

Don’t leave yet – let’s hang out some more: