Top 5 Hottest NBA Cheerleaders

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders

We take our “shot” at counting down the hottest NBA cheerleaders.

I’ve been following the New York Knicks for my entire life.

It’s been nothing but an awful experience… besides Linsanity, there really hasn’t been a time in my life where I could call what the Knicks do, “great.”

That is… until I saw the Knicks City Dancers and some of the hottest NBA cheerleaders.

The Knicks City Dancers give us fans hope. Hope for a better day, and a chance for us to think we will ultimately have something to root for.

The same could go for any team in basketball, both good and bad. The cheerleading squads are a way to keep the fans engaged when the game goes wrong, and a way to get the fans hyped when a fan’s team is dominant.

In the NBA, there are some elite dance teams.

I find that the worse teams often have the hottest NBA cheerleaders/cheerleading groups.

Now, obviously this article isn’t talking about the “best” cheerleading teams… it’s talking about the hottest NBA cheerleaders.

There is a standard of gorgeous women that run the NBA cheerleading spectrum. City to city, you will find the most beautiful girls this world has to offer.

I think that there is an incredible standard set across the league for women that audition to be the hottest NBA cheerleaders.

In fact, I had a friend from college audition to be a Boston Celtics cheerleader, and she said that the process was crazy.

It was a few personality auditions, followed by the dancing part, and she said it was grueling in a great way. She didn’t get a spot on the team, but she loved the experience.

She told me how close all of the people auditioning by the end of it, and how much they love being in front of the crowd each night.

These girls go through an absolute gauntlet to get to the top line of cheerleading.

They deserve some recognition to see who is the best of the best, so let’s take a look at the top five hottest dancers in the NBA.

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders #5 Miami Heat – Saskia

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders #5 Miami Heat - Saskia

The Miami standard lives on through the Heat dancers. And NONE is hotter than Saskia.

Saskia is an architect who went to Florida International University.

If you know anything about partying you know it’s always better in Miami. For the love of God, there are strippers at Miami Dolphins tailgates.

Miami just does it at an elite level, and it’s no surprise that the Heat dancers are in the top five.

They are beautiful and, by the beard of Zeus, they can move.

No one can convince me that they don’t deserve to be top five. They put on a show night in, and night out.

They get the respect of number five in our top list.

#4 Houston Rockets – Melissa

Hottest NBA Cheerleaders - Houston Rockets Melissa

Everyone needs a southern bell in their life, and Melissa takes the cake.

She is a ROCKET (no pun intended).

An all-around great squad, but she is the front runner for their team of smokes. Not to mention the team, as a whole, also produce some great content.

The dance team’s website is fire. They do music video parodies that are electric, and they are constantly updating with new stuff.

They are gorgeous, and Melissa is the leader of it all. She is proven to be the top of the NBA for sure.

#3 The Atlanta Hawks Dancers – Sammie

#3 Sexy NBA Dancers The Atlanta Hawks Dancers - Sammie

The Atlanta Hawks Dancers can be defined by one word. NASTY.

They are the dirty kind of hot. The kind of hot where you watch them and you make that face like you’re smelling week expired milk. Then you say, “Okay!” as you watch them work.

And Sammie is hot AF, with a “sweet” side as she cannot start her day without caramel macchiato. Cats are her favorite animal. And she likes reading poetry at Barnes & Noble.

2. The Spurs Silver Dancers – Sterling

Hot NBA Cheerleaders - The Spurs Silver Dancers- Sterling

Sterling… just… wow.

I mean… WOW!

She’s definitely not an eyesore.

I seem to be a big fan of these southern dance teams… I’m not sure if it’s the look of the girls or the standard, or just how they dance as a whole, but I love it.

She rocks the all black. The all black look definitely adds points.

This team is a group of absolute studs with style, and you just have to love them as an NBA fan.

However, Sterling isn’t the top NBA dancer from the Lone Star State.

1. The Dallas Mavericks Dancers- Taylor Newman

Hottest NBA Cheerleader - The Dallas Mavericks Dancers- Taylor Newman

Talk about southern hospitality.

Taylor Newman is considered the hottest dancer in NBA history. That’s right, HISTORY.

She’s perfect… literally there isn’t a flaw about her. No wonder why she’s considered the best of the best.

Especially by me.

I am a huge fan. She is elite, and she knows it.

Taylor is just pristine, confident and owns the court when she takes it. She’s on a level higher than anyone else.

A completely new level that we have never seen before.

Between the Rockets, the Spurs and the Mavericks… I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to plan a trip to Texas to see some basketball. And now you know the hottest NBA cheerleaders.

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