“RIP The Cut” – Interview With DJ RIP

As Omaha’s Hip-Hop culture continues to develop, few people can lay claim to the level of influence and experience that DJ RIP (aka Mike Dunham) has donated to the cause. Known as “The Old Skool Specialist”, the Omaha native has been perfecting his craft since the early 1980’s. As the first Hip-Hop artist from the state of Nebraska to ever have a vinyl record pressed and released, RIP is familiar with Omaha’s Hip-Hop history.

“In the early 1980’s, there were many Hip-Hop shows and functions with various artists like Mario Scratch, Brian B, DJ Suicide, Star Steppers, and Harland Gunn. These guys were MC’s, DJ’s, Beatboxers and B-Boys who kept Hip-Hop flourishing throughout the 1980’s.” said RIP. “1987, there was a huge emcee battle called “The Battle of The Bands” that took place at the Civic Auditorium. There were over thirty different Rap/Hip-Hop crews that competed in that show. The number of participants shows that the Hip-Hop community in Omaha was definitely thriving at the time, but in 1988 when NWA came out, Gangsta Rap exploded. The Hip-Hop scene in Omaha was lost in the transition to Gangsta Rap and as a result, the Hip-Hop culture began suffering.”

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Cypress Hill “Stoned Raiders” Album Review

Remember Suzie from your sixth grade class that “developed” a little bit earlier than all of the other chicks? She stimulated your thinking in a way you had previously never imagined and she inspired a part of you that you didn’t even know existed.

Now, remember how you felt when you found out that the only thing that Suzie had truly “developed” was a strong liking for two ply Charmin ultra roll toilet paper? Those same feelings of deep remorse and frustration will also be felt by any Cypress Hill fan who listens to the bands sixth studio album release, Stoned Raiders.

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The String Cheese Incident – Band Interview

On July 9th and 10th, nationally recognized jam band “The String Cheese Incident”, will be performing at Westfair Amphitheatre.  Also performing are special guests Femi Kuti, who will perform on the 9th, and Karl Denson who will perform on the 10th.  The two-day show is a concept that is unique in today’s musical landscape and seems to be favored mostly by bands labeled as “Jam Bands”.  I asked Billy Nershi, guitarist and vocalist for The String Cheese Incident, for his definition of a “Jam Band”

“I think that a jam band is a band that is into a different musical experience every time they step onto the stage.  The main thing is that the musicians, who are performing, are not trying to control the music and drive it in a certain direction.  fun and it’s a great experience, every time.”

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Simon Says – Band Interview

Simon Says is a four-member band based in Sacramento, California.  The band has achieved national prominence thanks to touring with acts such as Limp Bizkit and Staind.  Zac Diebels, guitarist of Simon Says, claims the reason for their success is a heavy focus on the audience.

“When the kids come to our show, we don’t want them to think that since we are up on the stage that we are unapproachable.  Crowd interaction and just getting to know the fans is what we are all about.”  

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Meet me at FolkHouse – Music Review

When I think of folk music, I immediately imagine a room filled with a wide variety of people listening intently to a singer emptying a bucket filled with life experience upon the audience.  If this sounds like an enjoyable experience that can be hard to find in the Omaha Metro area, then the FolkHouse is the place for you.

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