Worst Trades in NBA History

Scottie Pippen As A Seattle Supersonic - Worst Trades In NBA History

The NBA Trade Deadline is about to heat up. Check out our list of the worst trades in NBA history. In the throws of an NBA season, general managers can look to make a move that takes their team from a playoff wannabee to championship contenders. We’ve seen it work for teams past and present. … Read more

Today In NBA History 1954: First Overtime All-Star Game Ever

Today in 1954, the NBA All-Star game had the first overtime game in its history. Bob Cousy stepped up and delivered. The legendary Boston Celtics guard poured in 10 points during the overtime period and gave the East a 98-93 victory, also garnering All-Star MVP honors in the process. This game was so long ago … Read more

Kevin Garnett Ain’t Dead, Son: Give Him His Props

Why has KG been able to age so gracefully, and yet remain productive when so many other players are swallowed by age seemingly, overnight? Because Garnett progressively became a better all around shooter. When KG jumped from high school to the NBA in 1995, unlike now, no one was doing it (it had been 20 years) and … Read more