40 Ounces to Freedom – Which 40 Is Right For You?

40 Ounces To Freedom

40 Ounces To Freedom

It’s been a long, hard day.  You’ve just gotten off of work and you want to kick back and catch a nice buzz. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of currency at your disposal.  Just like a salmon with the natural instinct to swim upstream and propagate the species, you have the natural instinct to drive up the street to the liquor store and wrap your lips around that tall, frosty 4-0.

Ah yes, the 40 ounce.  Men throughout the ages have sung praise to this heavenly creation, passed on to us by the Gods.  For just around two dollars (less or more depending on your tolerance for shitty tasting beer), you can get your drink on and also feel like a pimp whilst holding this challis of mediocre social standing.

The 40 isn’t intended to impress people or chicks; it’s there to get you nice and toasty.  Depending on the beer you like and/or the money at your disposal, there are social class breakdowns within the context of the 40.  

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