5 Questions: Hollywood Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton‏

Bobby Holland Hanton is the Michael Jordan of his profession. Hollywood’s top stunt double, Holland Hanton has doubled as Christian Bale (in “The Dark Knight Rises”), Daniel Craig (in “Skyfall”), Ryan Reynolds (in “Green Lantern”), and he recently filmed “Thor: The Dark World” with Chris Hemsworth. I asked the Dove’s Men + Care brand ambassador five questions about his career.

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Donald Rumsfeld Announces “War On Peace”

In a stunning turn of events revealed on Wednesday, United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced plans for the commencement of a “War on Peace”, slated to begin by sweeping American city streets as soon as next week.

“With the failure of the ‘War on Drugs’, the ‘War on Terrorism’ and the trifecta, the ‘War on Poverty’, your government has decided to pick a fight that it can’t possibly lose,” said Rumsfeld as he casually adjusted his nut sac with both hands. “By needlessly slaughtering thousands, well….actually, we’re hoping more like millions, of innocent people across the world, we can join together and eradicate a common enemy; Peace.”

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Cypress Hill “Stoned Raiders” Album Review

Remember Suzie from your sixth grade class that “developed” a little bit earlier than all of the other chicks? She stimulated your thinking in a way you had previously never imagined and she inspired a part of you that you didn’t even know existed.

Now, remember how you felt when you found out that the only thing that Suzie had truly “developed” was a strong liking for two ply Charmin ultra roll toilet paper? Those same feelings of deep remorse and frustration will also be felt by any Cypress Hill fan who listens to the bands sixth studio album release, Stoned Raiders.

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An Interview with Kevin Pollak

“In a lot of ways, Hollywood is just like high school with money,” said comedian/actor/producer Kevin Pollak.

“You’ve got all the clicks and peer groups and the pecking order just like you did in high school. The football players, the popular chicks, the nerds, and then you’ve got all the smokers huddled around a car outside. The money gives people a false sense of power but when you strip all of that away, they’re still the same idiots, only with money. The biggest misconception about this industry is that it’s so glamorous. It really isn’t.”

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