Kobe Bryant’s Last Road Game: I Was THERE!

Kobe Bryant Last Road Game Collage

The Circle of Life: NBA stars like Kobe emerge, reign, then fade to black As the end of the NBA season nears, we tend look ahead to things to come like free agency (i.e. Kevin Durant Sweepstakes), the draft and this latest twist in L.A.K.B. (Life After Kobe Bryant). But instead, I’d like to reflect … Read more

All-White NBA Fantasy League: A Basketball Experiment Steeped in Unintentional Comedy

“How can we make all the teams at least somewhat intriguing to everyone, keep this NBA fantasy league competitive and keep ourselves laughing? What if we only draft white guys? No, too … wait — WHAT???” Back in 2012, we got WEIRD. Basketball — a sport that perhaps best defines all-around athletic prowess. Its elite … Read more

Basketball’s Best Finishers Of All Time

We often have long debates and discussions about ‘the bests’ or ‘the greatest’ in every sport. You would often find such conversations in news channel debates, panel discussions, or even as a part of a casual conversation in a bar or restaurant. In the game of basketball, finishing at the rim is a lot more … Read more

CBA Basketball From The Horse’s Mouth – Steve Idelman On The Omaha Racers

CBA Basketball

The Omaha Racers were a CBA basketball team that played in Omaha from 1989 to 1997. I started going to Racers games in 1989. As a then 9-year old who was obsessed with basketball, there was NOTHING cooler than going to a Racers game and seeing former, current, and future NBA players. I still remember … Read more

The 5 Worst Seasons In NBA History

In 1973 the Philadelphia 76ers completed the worst season in NBA history, a record they would hold for almost 40 seasons. Then, the 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats happened and the worst NBA record ever. The Bobcats 7-59 record amounted to a .106% winning percentage, which was worse than the 1973 Sixers mark of 9-73 with a winning percentage … Read more

2015 NBA Free Agents: Top 3 By Position

2015 NBA Free Agents

Here is a quick look at the best 2015 NBA Free Agents by position. As the clock strikes midnight, the feeding frenzy that is NBA free agency will be upon us. Top 2015 Free Agents Point Guards 1. Goran Dragic, Miami Heat The talented Dragic will likely stay put in South Beach. 2. Reggie Jackson, … Read more