Steph Curry Interview: The Best Shooter Ever Absorbs My Charm And Shares Personal Career Highlight

In this Steph Curry interview, I asked him about going HAM, how to shoot 90% from the free throw line, and how to impress babes by slathering your entire body in Degree DrySpray.

Describe the feeling of hitting a three-pointer and sucking the wind out of the other team.

Steph Curry: If you have confidence and you’re able to step into those threes off the dribble, off the catch, in big moments in a game it’s demoralizing to the defense. It’s a tough shot to guard if you have a quick release and are able to get it off whenever you want to.

We shoot a lot of three’s on our team and like to use that as a threat every single night because we have guys that can knock it down pretty consistently. It’s a big part of what we do and how we play, just a lot of confidence with shooting that shot.

What has Steve Kerr done for your three-point shot?

Steph Curry: He’s just inspires confidence the way he puts us in great positions and inspires confidence and just tells us, “Hey – I love those shots you take when we have good ball movement and get guys open shots step into ‘em and knock ‘em down.”

Whether it’s me, Klay, Harrison, Draymond, any shooter that we have on the team. Step into it, knock it down and have fun with it.

What’s the key to shooting 90% at the foul line?

Steph Curry: It’s big on routine, that you have the same routine every time you step to the line, so that you can get your rhythm. And for me, I just try to be as loose as possible.

Obviously it’s just you, the ball and the rim, unless you’re on the road and there are balloons and people yelling at you trying to distract you. Being able to have that laser-locked in focus on the rim, to being loose, relaxed, just like you’re in a gym by yourself knocking it down.

You have to try to practice those emotions as you go through your preparation, but you’ve got to be able to have that confidence to step up and knock it down and own it.

What’s it been like for you in your career to grow up with Dell as your dad, to come out of high school and not get much interest, to be where you are now where as far as taking your skills for granted?

Meaning, you’re Steph Curry, you’re the best point guard in the league. What’s that been like personally for you? How difficult was that whole process?

Steph Curry: It was interesting. I obviously grew up in Charlotte where my dad played for 10 years with the Hornets so I was kinda under his shadow and had high expectations going through the high school ranks, and like you said, wasn’t very highly recruited out of high school, but was able to find a school, Davidson College, that fit my game and I had the opportunity to play right away and get better and a great coach that challenged me every single day to be great.

The rest is history. Just, getting better every single year, adding something else to my game and I’ve been blessed to be where I am right now.

What’s your career highlight in the NBA at this point, the first thing that comes to mind when I ask you that?

Steph Curry: It’s all my playoff experience. It’s not just one in particular, but being able to showcase what you have on that stage, that’s the test of guy’s careers – what you do in the playoffs.

It’s HARD to get there, and it’s even harder to win a series when you get there. So you appreciate every taste of success you have when you get there and hopefully it leads to more down the road.

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