Most Versatile Defender in the NFL – An Interview with Terrell Suggs

Terrell Suggs and Paul Eide - Watch Out Ladies

Terrell Suggs and Paul Eide - Watch Out Ladies

Terrell Suggs is a freak. And not just because his 6-3, 270 lbs frame has played all 11 defensive positions in his career with the Baltimore Ravens, but also because he entered the NFL at the tender age of 20 years old. Think about that for a second; what were you doing when you were 20? I’ll tell you what I damn sure wasnt doing; taking on full grown men in hand to hand physical combat on a national stage every Sunday.

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Saints’ Legend Joe Horn – The American Dream Personified

For a five year period there was no wide receiver in the NFL that was more productive than Joe Horn. The only thing more amazing than Horn’s on field production was his unlikely path to the NFL which included not playing a down of football for two years after leaving college. After playing two years … Read more

Interview With Broncos Linebacker DJ Williams

This interview with then Denver Broncos defensive captain DJ Williams was first published prior to the start of the 2008 NFL season.  For most NFL fans outside of Denver, DJ Williams isn’t a household name. But the Denver Broncos front office is betting $32 million dollars that it won’t stay that way for long. Less than two weeks … Read more

“How about 14-2?” An Interview with David Garrard

To David Garrard, history is just that. The Jacksonville Jaguars suddenly find themselves in a tough spot. The team that found itself two wins from a Super Bowl appearance a year ago, now finds itself in an 0-2 hole already facing a “must win” situation in only week three. No team in NFL history has … Read more

2007 Patriots: DE Jarvis Green Recounts How Manning, Perfect Season, Slipped Thru His Fingers

Super Bowl XLII, and the 2007 Patriots, can be summed up in six words; third and five with 1:15 remaining. Thanks to superb individual efforts by both Eli Manning and David Tyree the Giants were able to gain 32 yards and convert on the aforementioned third down. What looked to be a game that the Patriots had … Read more

Branden Albert NFL Pre-Draft Interview – Kansas City Chiefs LT

When speaking with former University of Virginia guard Branden Albert you can hardly believe you are speaking with possibly the most versatile and sought after lineman in the entire upcoming 2008 NFL Draft. Albert’s unassuming, low key personality belies a 6-6, 315 pound frame that will undoubtedly be selected in the first round of the … Read more

Marcellus Wiley: Interview With Former Pro Bowler/ESPN Analyst

To say Marcellus Wiley is an engaging conversationalist is like saying Einstein was pretty good at math.

So engaging in fact, that the ten-year NFL veteran’s personality outgrew his sizeable 6-4, 275 pound frame and mutated into “Dat Dude”; Wiley’s off the field entertainment persona that specializes in throwing ridiculous parties, mackin’ all the fly ladies and starting successful business ventures, not necessarily in that order.

Whether it’s “Prolebrity” a project mixing professional athletes and filmmakers on the silver screen or “La’Tik” a fashion boutique he opened in Santa Monica, Wiley hits on all cylinders as a human being and does not limit himself to the title of “Former NFL All Pro.”

I spoke to Marcellus about working on ESPN, the NFL Draft, Jeff Fisher and Madden ’08.

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Interview With NFL Hall Of Fame Offensive Lineman Joe DeLamielleure

History has not been kind to upstart American football leagues. No matter how well laid the plans, it seems as though any acronym that doesn’t contain the letters “NFL” is doomed to failure. On Saturday afternoon while most of us are watching the Senior Bowl, a new league, the All American Football League, will hold … Read more

Q and A with Steelers Cornerback Ike Taylor

If anyone on the Steelers roster had a more tumultuous year than quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, it was fourth-year cornerback Ike Taylor. Taylor’s 2006 started out great with a Super Bowl victory over the Seahawks in February and got even better when he signed a four year contract extension worth $22.5 million dollars in September. But … Read more