So, You Made Your Fantasy Football Playoffs; Please Shut Up

So, you made your fantasy football league playoffs. And, you may have even won your league. Congratulations.


Just because you made the playoffs/won the league doesn’t mean anyone actually cares. Just like the beginning of the season, nobody wants to hear about your team but you.

Be excited, be happy, let people know you won, sure. But, everyone doesn’t need a player by player breakdown of your team.

We don’t care about that “smooth move” you made in week 6.

Don’t claim to be a football genius because you had some obscure player on your team you plucked from the free agent wire.

Everyone else in your league could have gotten him also, you just got there first.

Kind of like how your dad beat the rest of the guys to be first in line. If you’re really a genius you would’ve drafted that player.

Speaking of the draft, if you were one of those losers who didn’t attend the draft and your team was auto-picked, then proceeded to somehow made the playoffs, admit you’re lucky, not good.

We were all at the draft (that we all agreed to setup on a date that you had a hand in appointing, yet couldn’t attend). We know you had nothing to do with it.

Speaking of nothing to do with anything, here’s a pic of Nives Celzijus.

Another thing to keep in mind is how many leagues you entered as well. If you play in one or two leagues and made the playoffs/won the title in one or both, good job.

But if you entered six leagues and made the playoffs in one, not so hot.

That brings up another point. Don’t pretend you’re most interested in your team that is suddenly still relevant and have been that way all season along.

You know which league is most important to you and so do we.

Don’t act like you’re winning in the league you care most about.

On the other hand…’re in the playoffs/won your league! 

Don’t listen to anything I just said; it’s just the jealousy talking, you baby gorilla!