Simon Says – Band Interview

Simon Says is a four-member band based in Sacramento, California.  The band has achieved national prominence thanks to touring with acts such as Limp Bizkit and Staind.  Zac Diebels, guitarist of Simon Says, claims the reason for their success is a heavy focus on the audience.

“When the kids come to our show, we don’t want them to think that since we are up on the stage that we are unapproachable.  Crowd interaction and just getting to know the fans is what we are all about.”  

Simon Says will kick off their summer tour in Omaha at the Ranch Bowl on June 8th in support of the bands latest CD release “Shut Your Breath”. The tour is slated to begin in Omaha because according to Zac, “Omaha is a great town and every time we’ve played there we’ve had great crowds.  The people are great and we really like the place.”  The start of a new tour is nothing new to the band as Simon Says usually remains on tour for about three hundred days a year.  “It’s a lot of fun but there are times when it sucks.  You are always on the go and constantly eating a lot of crappy food.”

The members of Simon Says have known each other since they were sixteen and that is also when they first started jamming together.  “That’s what’s great about this band,” said Zach.  “ We are all great friends and we get to do what we love for a living.  Hopefully, that comes across in our music.” When asked to describe the bands musical style, Zach said, “We are a combination of Deftones and Staind, with a heavy dose of Tool for good measure.”

When the topic of boy bands and the shameful corporate pimping of the music industry came up, Zach responded with an uninhibited flurry of positive feedback.  “I think right now, rock music is on the way up.  Boy bands aren’t artists, but they are entertainers and we shouldn’t hate them for that no matter how bad they obviously suck.  Turn on the radio now and you’ve got bands like Tool, Deftones, Disturbed and they are all very successful.  Rock music is definitely on the come up.”

All music aside, a question for the ages was unfurled in Zach’s direction: Who would win a street fight between Phil Donahue and Geraldo Rivera?  Zach initially leaned toward Donahue, but then it was revealed that Donahue could NOT use his trademark glasses as a weapon.  Zach’s response “A draw.  They’re both bad muthas.”

Another question was posed to Zach: Do you know anyone who owns a Michael Bolton CD?  How do you explain his fame and/or ponytail?  Zach’s father is guilty of possessing a Michael Bolton CD.  Shameful indeed.  I wonder what Chino Moreno would say?  As for explaining his fame, Zach had this reply “Single, middle-aged women.”  The ponytail however, remained inexplicable.

Simon Says will perform at the Ranch Bowl on Friday June 8th.  Tickets can be purchased at the Ranch Bowl or by calling 393-0900.  Rock On.