Robert Horry’s Mansion On Market For $2.2 Million; Best Clutch Shooter Ever?

“Big Shot Bob” wants YOU to buy his house.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: For just over a cool two million, you can pretend to be a 6-10, 16 year NBA vet.

Unknown ObjectHorry bought the 8,440-square-foot house back in 2007. The house has five bedrooms, six baths, gym, study, master suite, and 2.4 acres of yard complete with palm trees, tennis courts, “resort-style” pool and outdoor BBQ setup. $2.2 million for that kind of layout doesn’t sound too ridiculous.

Horry had kind of a strange career for a guy with a well-earned rep to make huge shots. He averaged double figures only three times in 16 years and retired with career averages of 7.0 ppg, 4.8 rpg. But the only stat that really matters is championships and he won a total of seven, the most of any player who didn’t play for the Celtics teams of the 1960’s. He is also the second player in NBA history to win a title with three different teams, the other being John “The Spider” Salley.

Another crazy stat is that with 244 playoff games under his belt, he has played the most playoff games in NBA history. Second is Kareem (who owns almost every conceivable NBA record). He also holds the NBA playoff record for most three pointers made with 53, 11 more than Michael Jordan in second. Horry was also incredibly versatile (which goes along way explaining his longevity) as he was the first player to ever have 100 steals, 100 blocks and 100 threes in the same season.

Here is a quick glimpse at some of his “clutchness”:

How different would Horry’s career have been if a proposed trade in 1994 that sent him and Matt Bullard to Detroit in exchange for Sean Elliot would’ve actually gone through? In all likelihood he would’ve been just another front-court player and we as fans would’ve missed out on some truly legendary playoff moments of the last decade plus.

Another funny stat is that from 1993-94 to 2002-03 either he or veteran guard Steve Kerr were on the roster of an NBA Finals team and both won every time. In a 14 year period, he and Kerr combined to win 12 championships.

In terms of his playing career, is he the most clutch shot maker in NBA history? Who is better?

Image Credit: TMZ

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