Ray Lewis: Real “Crime” Is No Season


For as much flak as he’s taking for his comments on ESPN about the NFL lockout, you would’ve thought Ray Lewis predicted the world was going to end on May 21st or something. And when it didn’t happen, he just took credit for some tornadoes and a random earthquake. Then I could understand why people didn’t like it.


Personally, I liked what Lewis said. It’s refreshing to see that a multi-millionaire NFL athlete has a palpable level of passion for the labor situation, when too frequently it seems players come across as apathetic or even worse, robotic. To see a player spill some emotion was a nice change from the prepared statements and PC tiptoeing that is the norm. You could argue he only cares because he currently isn’t receiving a paycheck and I’m sure that’s part of it, but whatever makes Ray Lewis “go” is what I like to watch on Sundays. And, in this interview.


As to the argument Lewis made about no NFL equals an increase in crime, how sweet would it be if science proved that football stopped crime? That would make your wife/girlfriend a “criminal” for complaining that you’re watching it. Take her away, judge.

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