Product Review: SAXX Underwear

No one has ever summarized a man’s relationship with his underwear as accurately as Garth Algar in “Wayne’s World”:

The relationship between a dude and his underwear is a strange thing. In the past, I’ve had roommates and friends who thought it was funny to keep a pair of underwear so long, they (the undies) gradually begin to degrade over time, until certain areas that once provided support were completely gaped open, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Put simply, guys don’t like to buy underwear; it feels weird. I have a pair of plaid boxers from 1999 on right now.

But what if I told you that chicks dig a nice pair of undies on a dude, the way we like sexy lingerie on our ladies? Let me hip you to a little game, in case you didn’t know: briefs and boxers are out. Trunks are in.

When I first became cognizant of trunks, it was like a foreign concept. Was this a legitimate term, or a clever, pachyderm-based play on words?

Regardless, trunks are boss. Even though they are a little “constrictive” at first, they make your bulge look big, like a young Bon Scott.

Bon Scott Knew That Underwear Is Necessary For A Quality Bulge.

Don’t you want to accentuate your man hammer? Sure you do, and there’s nothing to feel bad about. But it isn’t just about that.


Saxx Underwear Review. I love Saxx Underwear, I'm wearing them now.

The SAXX Underwear Wikipedia page goes a little more “balls out” describing the product:

“SAXX Underwear is a men’s underwear company that designs underwear to prevent contact between the scrotum and thighs.”

I haven’t used or heard the word “scrotum” since my high school athletics physical when it was associated with the “turn your head and cough” sac attack. So instead of using the clinical term, insert “Ball Bag,” “DNA Pouch” or “Scrat Bag” and press forward with this review.

What’s really great about SAXX is that even though they are performance underwear designed to keep your “Muskrat Pack” dry and unchaffed during athletic endeavors, they can be worn when the most athletic thing you have to do that day is go to the office. And you will feel pleasure.

They have an Articulated Front Pouch and Patented Internal Mesh Panels that combine to give you the room you need, while preventing unwanted friction. Each pair also features a Moisture Wicking Waistband that keeps you dry when the temperature rises.

The Front Pouch was an absolute delight; think of it as a cradle for your balls. Not only did it offer support, but it also prohibited moisture accumulation via the breathable pouch.

SAXX offers underwear for “Performance” (i.e. sports and activity) and “Everyday” use. I tried the KINETIC BOXER and 24-SEVEN from each line, respectively.

It was amazing how they fit right out of the box, feeling almost as though they were custom fit — a stark contrast to Garth’s quote at the beginning of this article.

The KINETIC BOXER was easily the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever ran in. Instead of constantly bunching up like boxers, or sweat collecting in certain areas like briefs, the underwear from SAXX kept me dry and gave me the support that you need when you’re out there running, flopping around.

For more information check out the SAXX Underwear website.