Product Review: Hanz de Fuko Hair Products

You don’t even have to know anything about men’s hair care products to know that Hans de Fuko is something you want to use. From the names of the products, to the graphic design employed on the packaging, it just feels good to use. You feel hip, contemporary and like you finally have your hair game under control. And even if you don’t, Hans de Fuko has the product to look like you don’t have it under control either.

All six styling agents I tried are listed below, along with a notable person who exemplifies this particular hairstyle.

Hybridized Wax – Reminded me of a classic pomade look and feel, but felt and functioned more like a gel. Because it seemed more gelish, I assumed I would have to use a lot to get the style I wanted. But it had a surprisingly strong hold and gave my hair more of a shiny look. Think James Franco.

Modify Pomade – This was the stickiest, most responsive pomade I have ever used. While some pomade takes seemingly endless doses to get the look you’re trying to achieve, this took one application and I was done. It was very shiny in classic pomade style, but held very well, lending itself to thicker than normal hair. Think a young John Travolta.

Sponge Wax – This was probably my favorite thanks to the sponge-like quality of the product. It literally felt lighter than air and had the texture of some type of plastic rather than a hair gel. It just felt cool to put on my hands and run through my hair. It wasn’t flashy like a pomade, but was as effective. Think Robert Pattinson.

Quicksand – Perfect name for the feel and function of this hair styling cream. It’s gritty and rough like your mother-in-law, and very thick. It’s meant to hold firmly and cuts down on gloss or shine. It literally felt like it had little bits of sand in it to add to the matte look and added the appearance of volume to my hair. Think Simon Baker.

Scheme Cream – The Scheme Cream struck me as the perfect product for general use if you just wanted something to give your hair a moderate style, and nothing too extreme. Or if your look is looking like you don’t do anything at all. Think Xavier Dolan.

Gel Triq – This is the first gel I’ve ever squeezed out of a tube that wasn’t all watered down and was suitable to use. This stuff works. Definitely best for dramatic hairstyles heavy on spikes or mohawks, it lasted all through the first night and into the next morning. Unreal holding power, but still flexible if you want to change your look at some point during the day or night. Think Cristiano Ronaldo.

The line of products from Hans de Fuko gives you the chance to be an artist when it comes to your personal appearance. Each individual cream/paste or pomade accentuates a different feature of your hair style, bringing your look to life, and also giving you the ability to experiment with other looks and feels.

And at just between $15-$17.50 per product, it’s worth trying out. Visit the website here.