Moksha Bybee From Tiger King Is A Hot Babe

Moksha Bybee

Moksha Bybee is Doc Antle’s hottest wife.

Which is saying something. Because Doc Antle is the hardest beast of all to tame.

Her bio from ligerworld:

“Moksha Bybee is a professional Liger expert, who lives at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina. Moksha Bybee has been with big cats for more than a decade. She is also one of the very few individuals who herself raised at least 3 to 4 generations of ligers to adulthood.”

Moksha Bybee And Monkey

What Moksha Bybee is doing in her life is highly unusual and typically rare, as you don’t see such things happening around you in the world of big cats.

Moksha Bybee Swims with Ligers, Moksha Bybee rides on the back of the ligers, and Moksha Bybee talks and communicates with ligers and they respond. It is not a circus skill which we are mentioning but rather we are pointing towards, a strong bond in between a caring lady and the biggest of big cats which are ligers.”

Tiger King introduced a lot of people to Joe Exotic. But its greatest function may be introducing us to Moksha Bybee.

She was hot even before Doc Antle got his “paws” on here:

Moksha Bybee And Tiger

This year marks Bybee’s 19th year at the sanctuary as one of the top tour guides.

She’s been with the Safari since 2001 and goes by the moniker “Monkey Mama,” for raising all the baby monkeys and apes. And the greatest ape in the kingdom of earth, Doc Antle.

To be eligible for Antle’s apprenticeship, you must be “single and childless.” Along with that, there’s no time off, for any reason, and applicants must be “within 20 pounds of their perfect athletic weight or working to get there, able to do push-ups, pull-ups, and run a 12-minute mile.” They also “must be vegetarian” and “can’t smoke or drink.”

Moksha Bybee And Liger

Says Moksha:

“There’s a lot of tigers on the preserve that I’ve spent a lot of time with, but the ones I’ve spent the most time with, they know what my golf cart sounds like, they know what my footsteps sound like. They know I’m mom, I’m their life, I’m their freedom, I give them all the gifts.”

Moksha And Ape

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