Michael Jordan’s Lawyers To MJ: “You are NOT The Father!”

When Pamela Y. Smith decided to go after Michael Jordan, MJ’s lawyers went to work and immediately began tabulating their next invoice.

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This whole thing reminds me of the “Beebs” when Justin Bieber was accused of fathering a “bay-bay” with some random chick at some random venue.

The “Beebs” was later found to be innocent, but not before his team of lawyers descended upon the accuser and drudged up long forgotten details of her life, and publicly shamed her into recanting.

If Pamela Smith thinks anything less than that will happen. she’s crazy, which she probably is anyway.

And if she thinks the “Beebs” peeps were hardcore, just imagine what MJ’s legal team will be like; he’s got the money to have Johnnie Cochran exhumed and brought back to life.

Incurring the wrath of Jordan is no fun at all, just ask Kwame Brown or Craig Ehlo.

So after she gets publicly emasculated, she will undoubtedly be sued, as MJ will make an example out of her to ward off other women potentially looking to make a quick buck.

From the Associated Press:

Jordan’s lawyer John Mayoue said in a document filed in Fulton County Superior Court that the six-time NBA champion is not the father of Pamela Y. Smith’s 16-year-old son. The paternity of the teen was “conclusively established” in divorce filings between Smith and her ex-husband, Jordan’s attorney wrote.

Jordan, 50, is the majority owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. His spokeswoman Estee Portnoy released a statement to The Associated Press.

“Public records show that the paternity of the child was established in a prior case in this same court many years ago and that Michael Jordan is not the father. He also filed a counterclaim seeking sanctions for the false claims made against him. It is unfortunate that well-known figures are the target of these kind of claims. Michael Jordan will vigorously defend himself and his reputation.”

So, since we are never going to see MJ on the Maury show, disputing his fatherhood in the most public of forums, I give to you the greatest clip in the show’s history:


Just 5 months later, Pamela Smith withdrew her lawsuit and had to pay all of MJ’s legal fees.

Jordan’s spokeswoman Estee Portnoy on Monday confirmed that Smith dismissed the paternity suit. Portnoy said there was no settlement or money paid to Smith. She said the lawsuit had no merit.

Kessler previously said the ex-husband hasn’t paid child support or been involved in the teen’s life.

Smith “began this case without an attorney and did her best to file what she believed to be a legally appropriate case,” Kessler said in a statement. “She then hired our firm just before the first court appearance. Ms. Smith has relied on our advice and determined that dismissal at this time, without prejudice, is in her son’s best interests.”