Kid From Kid N Play Unleashes The Secrets Of His High Top Fade

“At its peak, the flattop was between 8 and 9 inches, but its ego was around 8 or 9 feet. When it got its own agent, I knew it was time for the flattop to meet its ever impending doom.”

While Kid may have been the owner of the worlds’ most renown flattop, his talent far exceeds the length of his hair follicles. Born and raised in NY, NY, Kid first tasted success as one half of the platinum record selling hip-hop duo, “Kid n Play”.
“The experience I gained within the industry as a hip hop artist has helped me in all aspects of my career.” said Kid. “It really showed me what it takes to be successful on the stage as well as behind the scenes.”

Kid’s hip-hop career has proven to be the tip of his talent-laden iceberg. As well as having his own Saturday morning cartoon, 3 full length feature films, and a comic book series, Kid most recently hosted the television show “Your Big Break” in addition to establishing himself in the realm of stand up.

”Stand up at this point for me is like a kid with a new toy. I’m as energized and excited about this is I was when I first started with Hip-Hop. I’m good friends with Tommy Davidson, Martin Lawrence, and Bill Maher and all of those guys have really helped me a lot, but I definitely feel as though I have my own style on when I’m on the stage.”

Though Kid has accumulated more frequent flyer miles than Chuck Yeager, the tour marks his first ever visit to Omaha.

“Colleen [at the Funny Bone] has been fantastic in getting this all together. I’m definitely lookin’ forward to havin’ a good time and I plan on sampling all the best and brightest that Omaha has to offer.”