Irritated? Tweet @EdgeShaveZone and win prizes

As a man, what’s your biggest irritant? And even more specifically, what’s the biggest source of irritation in the city you reside? Edge Shave Gel took the time to figure both out.

Today marks the return of Edge Irritation Solutions, a campaign designed to relieve irritations for men one tweet at a time. First launched in 2010, the Edge Irritation Solutions campaign struck a chord with irritated Twitter users around the country by providing clever, real-time irritation relief to people venting their frustrations online.

Edge Shave Gel released the Edge Anti-Irritation Index, a study of geographical influences on irritation that uncovered the most irritating cities for guys in the United States. From high costs of pro sports tickets to lack of available single women, these cities provide men with constant sources of irritation:

1. Chicago – The Windy City may soon become the Whiney City; it came out on top for being the most irritating city for job seekers, with high unemployment and few available positions.

2. New York – The city that never sleeps may have lots of nightlife options, but New York’s extremely high rent brings it to the top of the irritation list.

3. Baltimore – Despite a high ranking in sports team success as home of football champions, a high crime rate makes this an irritating city for guys.

4. Philadelphia – A lack of fitness options combined with chilly winter weather pushes Philly into the top five.

5. Atlanta – The high price of tickets and poor team performance make this an irritating city for sports fans.

6. Los Angeles – With one of the highest male-to-female ratios of any U.S. city, L.A. is an irritating place for men looking for love.

7. Detroit – Guys in Detroit will have an irritating time planning date nights since this city lacks nightlife options.

8. Houston – Terrible traffic and a sprawling layout makes Houston an irritating city for residents on the move.

9. Washington D.C. – With some of the highest crime rates in the country and pro sports teams that seem to never make the playoffs, D.C. is a capital of irritation.

10. Boston – Extremely high rent and expensive pro sports ticket prices make Boston an irritating city for guys’ wallets.

In order to ease men’s frustrations, Edge Shave Gel, a brand that pioneered irritation relief with a collection of moisturizing and protecting shave gels, will offer prizes to irritated citizens one tweet at a time through @EdgeShaveZone.

Don’t see your city listed? Tweet @EdgeShaveZone and let Edge know what really gets under your skin.