Hot Babe: Girl

 We Love The Girl.
The Beezid Girl is hot.

We Love The Beezid Girl.

And it isn’t just her plunging neckline in the commercial. We’re going to coin a phrase here; she is “relaxingly hot.”

For some reason, whenever the ad comes on, it must be watched it. Sure, the beezid girl is hot. But her voice, cadence and delivery are hypnotic for some reason. It’s soothing.

Beezid Girl Is Beautiful
The Beezid Girl Is A Girl You Bring Home To Mom, Yet Still Does Nasty Stuff To You In Bed

Once you’re relaxed, you realize how hot the beezid girl truly is.

And not only because she isn’t stressing you out like your wife or GF. She’s so hot that she overwhelms the content of the ad. She’s so good (hot), you forget you are being pitched.

The beezind girl seems like she’s really cool, approachable even. Or, she is a total bitch and a marvelous actress.

Which she is by trade; the girl is an actress. And, apparently she is a real person, with a real name, which is Casey Gagliardi. Check out her out as a redhead via her website.

Beezid Girl Redhead
The Beezid Girl Is Even Hotter As A Redhead.

What the hell is I don’t know but I know the girl is hot.