George Preston Marshall: Sports Douchebags Hall of Fame

George Preston Marshall REDSKINS LOGO

Today we examine the  “Legacy” of  a Sports Douchebag hall of famer, George Preston Marshall.

Throughout the history of sport, there have been many, many douchebags…..

To comprehend the vast amount of sports douchebaggery that has gone down since the advent of sport would be an impossible feat.

To stand out in such a sea of flotsam, transforms the simple sports douche bag into a world-wide icon; a sports douchebag so loathsome in his or her own depravity that transcends time itself.

On October 11, 1896, George Preston Marshall reign of sports douchebaggery would begin that would last seven decades and still shape the sports douche bag population we see today.

The legendary reign of George Preston Marshall began innocently enough as the failed owner of the Washington Palace Five, an American Basketball League team, brokered on the back of his father’s successful laundry mat chain.

In 1932, he and three other partners were awarded an NFL team that would become the Washington Redskins in 1933.

To his credit, Marshall introduced a bevy of innovation that would shape the game forever.

From being the first owner to embrace television, to incorporating gala halftime shows, marching bands, and fight songs, along with a series of rule changes that would open up the game and let it blossom into the juggernaut it is today.

While this contribution to professional football has earned him enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the true legacy of his twisted vision would gain him entry into a select super coven of the truly elite, the Sports Douchebags Hall of Fame.

As the probable instigator of the banning of black athletes from the NFL from 1933 until 1946, Marshall resisted integrating his football team for 15 long years and only integrated because it was forced on him by the government.

For 24 years, Marshall was identified as the leading racist in the NFL.

When George Preston Marshall died in 1969, one firm condition was attached to his vast fortune: The foundation formed in his own name, should not direct a single dollar toward “any purpose which supports or employs the principle of racial integration in any form.”

Forever earning him distinction as one of the most despicable bigots in American sports during the 20th century.

The perverted ideologies that the Redskins were founded on are still on display – until only recently.

As current sports douche bag heavyweight, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder fights to preserve the twisted ideology of Mr. Marshall, we had all assumed that this battle had no end in sight.

Until the odd year of 2020, when the Washington Redskins changed their name to “The Washington Football Team” aka “Football Team.”

The former owner of the Football Team even had his statue removed recently.

How much of his decision making was swayed by the region of the country where he made his money, to appease fellow elite constituents?

Cheap labor aka slavery was good for business. And employing non-whites was bad for business, even in the NFL.

As mounting pressure put on the franchise did little to change the ideology for many years, the legacy of sports douchebaggery put forth by the legendary George Preston Marshall is the standard that all sports douche bags shall follow.

A standard that would make the sports douche bag collective of today blush in all of its multicultural ignorance, a multiculturalism that would sicken even Mr. George Preston Marshall.

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