Franco Harris Recalls Hall of Fame Speech

31 years ago this weekend, Franco Harris was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

“I was more excited than nervous. I really didn’t realize the whole scope of the Hall of Fame until I got there that weekend. Because my feeling was, ‘What could be better than what we had during the 70s?’ I said NOTHING could be better.”

“But when I put on that Gold Jacket…WOW. It was this feeling like I totally absorbed the whole history of football – from little midget football all the way to the pros – it was all absorbed. And it was an awesome feeling.”

The meaning of the NFL Hall of Fame and all the greatness that was there, it all sunk in. I was inducted in 1990…and all the old timers I met, all the greats. And all the new inductees now. That connection is an awesome connection.”

“And now we have 5 Steelers going in this weekend. And also, one of my teammates. That one of my teammates from the 70s, Donnie Shell, we still have players from the 70s going into the Hall of Fame – what does that say about the team we had in the 70s?

I still think we have a few more to go – Andy Russell and LC Greenwood. I’m still pushing for those two.”

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