5 Questions: Hollywood Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton‏

Bobby Holland Hanton is the Michael Jordan of his profession. Hollywood’s top stunt double, Holland Hanton has doubled as Christian Bale (in “The Dark Knight Rises”), Daniel Craig (in “Skyfall”), Ryan Reynolds (in “Green Lantern”), and he recently filmed “Thor: The Dark World” with Chris Hemsworth. I asked the Dove’s Men + Care brand ambassador five questions about his career.

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BMX, Bitches! Doin’ Tha Dew in F-L-A With Pro Riders Chad DeGroot And Mark Mulville

Image Credit: Rob Dolecki/DigBMX.com To put this adventure into perspective, I entered the Orlando Skate Park with the BMX wherewithal of the average nine-year-old in terms of understanding and the average 12-year-old in terms of athletic skills, all packed into a nearly 33-year-old frame of a “man.” Why didn’t I get into this shit when … Read more

King Vitamin is My Co-Pilot

In the days of yore, a gracious King ruled the land with no greater concern than the  nutrition of his people. His rule afforded the people a nutritious, multi-vitamin laden cereal and they, in turn, overlooked his penchant for scarves. The sweet monarchy of taste appeased the citizens and they cried, “Alas, the King is … Read more

Livestrong Bracelets Destroy Families

Did you know that Livestrong bracelets are mass produced by parent-less, orphaned, child laborers who sleep in cages, deep within the seedy underbelly of downtown Tokyo?

You didn’t see Lance Armstrong thanking them after his 6th Tour de France victory, did you? No! But, I bet you saw him pimp these godless items in the name of cancer prevention and treatment, didn’t you?

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Goateed Woman


One thing that I have learned about crazy old ladies is that typically, (and I would hate to make a sweeping generalization here) the longer their goatee, the more they are out of their mind. The stench of urine they emit also holds some type of bearing on mental stability, with the more pungent odor signifying less ability to function within the social constructs of civilization.

The building that I am currently living in is an exact replica of the hotel in the movie The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson. While that in and of itself doesn’t raise an inherent sense of fear, the thought of that combined with the thought of a 55 year old schizophrenic woman who drags around a laundry cart filled with heels of bread, walks with a limp and plays on the elevator until 3 in the morning, does.

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Seventh Grade Mixer + Down Syndrome = CHAOS


The most questionable and single most objectionable event I ever witnessed was watching a kid with down syndrome win the air guitar contest at my 7th grade mixer.

Sure, it seems harmless enough, doesn’t it? Cram about 300 prepubescent 7th grade boys and girls in a small place and serve Coke, while a rented DJ played the top 40 hits of the day, such as Bon Jovi and the Spin Doctors. (I guess some of us were more like post-prepubescent because we had pubes and we could get a boner when exiting our desk if we weren’t careful.)

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