Carrie Minter: Playboy Playmate Hot Babe Interview

Carrie Minter and some Hot Babes

Playboy Playmate Carrie Minter is a hot babe.

A stunning beauty & fitness guru, Carrie has appeared in several pictorials and magazines including  GQ, Maxim, FHM, and Seventeen. She is most renown for appearing in three separate issues of Playboy as a Playmate; would you play with her if she asked? I think you would, sir.

Carrie is also a full-time entrepreneur who has created a successful and lucrative personal brand as CEO & Founder of Carrie’s Pilates Plus

Carrie besides being scorching hot, what are you up to these days? 

Carrie Minter: “I’m focused on my business, a Pilates studio here in Los Angeles called “Carries Pilates Plus”. I took over a studio a year ago. It’s a workout similar to Pilates with a little more cardio; like Pilates with a punch. You can burn up to 700 calories in one 45-minute class. We have 18 machines, amazing customer service and the best trainers in LA.”

Can dudes do Pilates?


Can dudes wear spandex and do Pilates?

“Sure! But if you wear a sports bra with them, it will be a little off-putting.

Noted! Talk about being a Playboy Playmate.

“It was fun! I had just moved to LA was shooting with a photographer and he sent my pictures to Playboy and they called me two days later. And I did a test shoot, Heff saw my pics and I went to the mansion and that was it! I’ve met some of my best girlfriends working for Playboy, it’s been a great experience.”

How was your “first time”? How do people react that you know in your “real life”? 

“The first time it happened I was so young I wasn’t ready for it. I had just turned 21. I remember wanting to drink so bad, and they wouldn’t let me because I was underage. But it was the coolest thing ever because I wasn’t one of the more popular girls in school. It was like, “Ha ha, I got into Playboy; fuck all you bitches!” Then it was cool to come back and do it again a couple years later. Both the response and the fans have always been great.”

What was Hugh Heffner like?

Carrie Minter: “He was super, super nice. He’s just a nice guy. It’s amazing how he opens up his house and his life to everyone. He’s just a sweet man.”

When I guy approaches you, what’s the first thing you look at?

“How they are approaching me; if it’s in a rude way, or a nice way. I look for politeness.”

One thing I just gotten hip to lately as I’ve upgraded my “Clothes Game” is that women like to see a guy in tight pants. Not skinny jeans, but a nice pair of Hugo Boss slacks, for instance.

“Yeah, yeah. That’s always good! I am not a fan of baggy jeans at all!”

In this hypothetical situation, how important is it for you to be able to assess a guy’s package? 

“I usually don’t look at that right away (laughing). I have friends that do, it’s kind of an important thing…’

Carrie Minter Playboy
Carrie Minter even looks great when she isn’t on a beach.

As far as men’s grooming, is there one thing you see guys doing that is the ultimate turnoff?

“Guys that are too feminine. I was dating a guy who was a male model and was constantly checking himself out in the mirror. I need a “man’s man”. Things that turn me off; guys who brush their teeth in the shower, general messiness.”

So a “Man’s Man” it is. Hypothetically, let’s say we’ve got this good looking mechanic. How would you feel if he spray-tanned? 

“I would not like that at all; I can’t stand guys who spend more time on their appearance than I do! I guess maybe once in a while, but…no. Just no. Go out in the sun!”

What about height requirements for dudes that are trying to “step to you”, if you will? 

“I’m almost 5-9, so I do like men on the taller side, six feet at least. But I don’t discriminate.”

Is there anything you see on a guy and you can immediately figure him out? Like, clothes, a watch, anything? 

“If they’re trying to be too trendy, I don’t like that. But usually I can tell by personality. If a guy talks about money constantly it’s a huge turn-off. Last night I was out for my girlfriends birthday and this guy was trying to talk to me. And he kept trying to get attention. And finally he handed me a $20 bill and said, ‘Oh – I thought you were our waitress.’ I mean, I’m all decked out in a dress and heels. So, little comments like that are just douchey. ‘I can’t get your attention so I’ll just be a jerk.'”

Does that ever work

“No! I actually just took the $20 and paid for a cab home.”

Now a serious question. How often in these shoots are they like, “Carrie we need some more boob”?

“(Laughing) Not recently! I don’t think I’ve done anything where they’re like, ‘We need a little more boob, Carrie!'”

Another hypothetical situation; say we’ve got the smoothest guy in the world, ever. How soon could he make a comment about your breasts and not be seen as sleazy? 

“Hmm…..I don’t know! I guess it just depends. Maybe if I was drunk and he said it in the way a doctor would say it?”

What’s the coolest experience you’ve had as a result of being a model and being in Playboy?

“I’d say just where I am now with my Pilates studio and the charity work I’ve done with Playboy for Easter called, ‘Bunnies for Bunnies.'”

Getting back now to your body, your “Body of Work”, I bet you’ve never heard that joke, is there anything about your body that you feel insecure about? 

“Yes. There are days I feel fat or my jeans are too tight, or tired for sure. I’m pretty confident but definitely have my insecurities like everyone else. I’m really easy-going, I like to wear my sweats on off days, relax, things like that. So there are some things that can make me feel insecure, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

What’s one thing a guy can do besides being really, really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking like Derrick Zoolander to get your attention? 

“Anybody who just came over and introduced themselves and didn’t sound like a douchebag would get my attention. Not a guy saying, ‘I own this company, are you my waitress’ etc. Anything other than that!”

Is it weird when dudes come up to you who recognize you from Playboy? 

“Generally it’s positive, but it can be weird. It happened last night and it was very creepy and strange. For the most part it’s flattering.”

Carrie Minter Naked
Carrie Minter Is A Pilates Teacher

What’s the worst thing about being a Hot Babe?

“Probably all the work that goes into it; people don’t realize that! The tanning, the working out, eating. And the way some people judge and react to you because you look a certain way.”

What’s the best thing about being a Hot Babe?

Definitely the opportunities you get to have. I’m kind of modest and I don’t think of myself as the hottest girl though!”

That only makes you hotter. You’re definitely a Hot Babe and I think that has to be acknowledged, Carrie.

You are sweet!

Now, are you my waitress, or who do I tip?

“Very funny!”

If you’re in the LA area, go and check out her Pilates Studio. Visit the company website at

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