Blake Griffin Stars In Stella Artois New Summer Campaign

<a rel=Blake Griffin will be starring in Stella Artois’ summer campaign to remind people that they’re only a daydream away from “The Life Artois” by introducing the “You’re Never Too Far From The Life Artois”.

Airing on Stella Artois’s YouTube page, the music video also starring Eva Longoria, and Liev Scheiber, as well as everyday people, has everyone coming together to showcase what can happen when you embrace The Life Artois by setting free the summer version of yourself – ultimately encouraging people everywhere to slip into a daydreaming state of mind from home this summer (with a Stella Artois in hand, of course).

Check out the NBA star at the 1:30 mark here:

From Blake hisself:

I love music— take a good playlist and pair it with a Stella Artois and I’m in a spectacular mood— so partnering with the brand on this music video was a really cool experience for me.  Fair warning, Daydream is super catchy so be prepared to have it running through your head every time you open a Stella Artois this summer.”

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