Rec Specs – A “Rec”rospective

Thanks to the advent of lasers that can cut into your eye and fix your vision, coinciding with the progression of the contact lens, “Rec Specs” have been made obsolete except for at select racquetball courts/Men’s Clubs across the country, where accountants and lawyers duel to the death. But not long ago, some of your favorite … Read more

NBA Divorces: Just Don’t Do It

NBA Divorces - Here Are 5 Of Them

With the endlessly publicized marriage of reality skanklet Kim Kardashian to NBA Kris “Who’s He?” Humphries taking place this weekend, it reminded me of several other ill-fated NBA player marriages that became NBA divorces. The two million dollar wedding ring Humphries bought Reggie Bush’s ex represents 1/8th of his career NBA earnings of $16.9 million dollars. Maybe he invested the other $14 million wisely … Read more

Dallas Mavericks “Triple J Ranch” – A Love That Could Never Be

The article I wrote about Golden State Warriors “Run TMC” of the late 80’s and early 90’s got me thinking about other three headed monster combination of teammates. And the next one I thought of was the Dallas Mavericks three headed monster of “Triple J’s”; Jason Kidd, Jamal Mashburn and Jim Jackson, the perfect storm of “J” names.

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Can Jimmer Fredette Succeed In The NBA? Google “JJ Redick” For Your Answer

I remember the first time Jimmer Fredette came out of college. It was back in 2006. He was fresh off of becoming the highest scoring player in the history of the ACC. He wasn’t a great ball handler and the only way for him to make an impact in a game was by shooting; scoring was his most … Read more

Last Shot At NBA Championship For Juwan Howard, Fab Five

Juwan Howard

We all know how important a victory in tonight’s game five of the 2011 NBA Finals is for LeBron James, but everyone is forgetting how important it is for Juwan Howard. Don’t think for a second that a Heat victory tonight doesn’t mean a lot to Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson and Chris Webber. Howard … Read more

Shaquille O’Neal: Greatest Center Ever

Years ago when Shaquille O’Neal’s production started to decline and he couldn’t stay healthy the “Shaq is done” and “he wasn’t that good” chatter began to commence amongst the haters. And in that four year period, more and more people suddenly couldn’t wait to see him gone. People that once marveled at his size and … Read more