ARM AND HAMMER Shoe and Body Spray Product Review

Arm and Hammer Logo
The Arm & Hammer logo is one of the coolest ever.

The new ARM and HAMMER Invisible Body Powder Spray and Shoe Refresher Spray are must haves for the marathon of life.

I’ve been using ARM and HAMMER baking soda for years – as toothpaste. And I didn’t grow up during the Great Depression.

Free of aluminum and all kinds of other stuff to make you sick like traditional toothpaste, it was my go-to for years. I even found myself liking the taste.

So when I discovered they released a full product line of baking soda toothpaste, I was hooked. And could ditch the weird open box by my sink. I have been a brand champion ever since.

As a person who is very physically active, with a nearly teenage daughter that is an athlete, athlete’s foot, and just the general “foot smell” of sweaty feet is the grossest thing ever.

And it doesn’t go away easily. Some days, I could wash my daughter’s feet five times and it would make no difference.

With basketball and soccer at least four nights a week, the fungus had become HUMONGOUS. And I was looking for answers. Her socks would be wrecked and racked with foot funk, which immediately translated to her shoes.

I would throw the shoes into the washer several times to get the smell to go away – temporarily.

I needed a solution. And fortunately, ARM & HAMMER reached out at the perfect time.

The Invisible Body Powder Spray and Shoe Refresher Spray came into my life just as I needed it. It worked like a charm.

And only took one application.

The ARM and Hammer Invisible Body Powder Spray was perfect for my old man needs. A quick 2-3 second spray keep my body smelling right all day — and ALL NIGHT LONG.

Check out the product specs:

Arm & Hammer Body Deodorant Invisible Spray Powder

ARM & HAMMER Invisible Body Powder Spray, $6.99

  • First ever cake free invisible body spray powder, leaving no white mess on clothes or body
  • Sweat Activated Fresh Guard® Technology keeps body feeling fresh all day
  • Ultra clear dry spray contains ARM and HAMMER™ Baking Soda and odor neutralizing ingredients to absorb moisture and sweat
  • Unisex fragrance for all day freshness
  • Talc Free

Arm & Hammer Shoe Odor Refresher Spray

ARM & HAMMER Shoe Refresher Spray, $5.99

  • Eliminates shoe and sneaker odor on contact
  • Unique 360° targeted actuator sprays in any direction even upside down to conveniently spray where you need it
  • Sweat activated Fresh Guard® Technology refreshes and rejuvenates shoes, sneakers and sports gear
  • Safe for all types of footwear

Freshen up pre and post workout with these new formulas, designed to keep the body feeling fresh while neutralizing ingredients absorb moisture and sweat.

Hammer bad scents in the mouth; it only makes scents to Arm yourself.

The ARM and HAMMER Foot Care collection is available at Walmart and

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